marzo 09, 2017

Paleowolf: Prehistoric Meditations

neoshmanic arqueofolk
is a tribal/dark ambient project aimed at invoking the ancient spirits of prehistoric past.

The era of Paleowolf is set in times before, during and after the Ice Ages, when humans were still living the lives of hunter-gatherers. Paleowolf combines tribal drum beats and ancient instruments with dark ambient drones and epic choirs to create an ancient atmosphere of wonder, mystery, contact with nature and to open the primordial spirit-channels with ancient human mind through the genetic memory of mankind.

Prehistoric Meditations (2017)
This album was made exclusively as a special edition of ambiental music themed with prehistoric era and primordial shamanism, for meditative and relaxation purposes.

It's a 1-hour ambiental piece weaved with shamanic ritualistic calls that's meant to transport you to these magical times, to the archaic and distant past spanning all over through the paleolithic-neolithic era, connecting you energetically with the primal Humanity through the secret pathways of your deep genetic memory.

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