marzo 05, 2013

Forja Astalo

Mikko Anttonen
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
Simpele, Finland

Almost all my historical style axes, maces, flails and polearms:

1. Hand axe from medieval battlefields. (Forged from old ball-peen hammer & flat steels.)
2. Slavic Bulawa mace. (Made from tractor lift arm ball and steel tube etc.)
3. Native American spiked tomahawk (Forged from old mason's hammer.)
4. Mix between medieval Goedendag mace and studded war club.
5. Long war flail very similar to the models what foot soldiers use in medieval Europe. (I use huge bearing balls on that thing..)
6. Two handed Dane axe from the viking period.
7. Simple ball mace where i took ideas from medieval England & Russia etc. (Made from tractor lift arm ball and steel tube etc.)
8. 76 cm long horseman's axe from medieval europe. (Forged from old claw hammer, but langets are from normal flat steel.)
9. Francisca throwing axe from 500-900 century Europe.
10. Flanged mace what they use in medieval battlefieds. (Maybe a little bit too big and heavy compared to authentic models..)
11. One handed Skeggox axe from the viking period.
12. Morning star flail. (At least that rusty cast iron ball is way too huge and heavy compared to authentic morgensterns.) Spikes are made from old bolts.
13. Voulge pole-weapon from medieval Europe. (Blade part is forged from old leaf spring.)
14. Executioner's axe made from old rusty broad axe what i found in the forest broken to two pieces.
15. Medieval hunting spear.
16. Bardiche, traditional infantry polearm from eastern Europe. (Blade is made from old half broken "plow disc".)
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