febrero 19, 2012

East of Byzantium

At the edge of Rome and the gates of Persia, Fugitives and Exiles defied the greatest armies of the world and changed the course of empires.
Directed by Roger Kupelian.
Cinematography and Editing by Martin Yernazian
Costume Design: Alina Khanjian
Visual FX Supervisor: Eli Jarra
Compositors: Matt Perin, Levon Shant Demirjian, Garo Hussenjian.
Art Direction: Carlo Garduno

Music by Eric Serra from The Film Fifth Element
All Images, Artwork and sound clips from East of Byzantium are Copyright © 2008 East Of Byzantium LLC.
All music clips from The Fifth Element are Copyright © 1997, Virgin Records (American), EMI/Virgin Music (International).


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